Blurring Tutorials

Lear how to blur photo with different applications!

Blur photo with our blur photo editor

How to blur photo online with our blur photo editor?

In this tutorial, we will cover how to blur photo with our blur photo editor, for free!

What you will need ? Web browser, your photo (which you want to blur obviously), and that's it.

Open our blur photo editor.

Click on Upload your image (choose) button, dialog window will appear. Find and pick photo you want to blur.

Upload photo to blur

Your image will gets uploaded to your browser, after uploading, image appear on screen.

Preview photo to blur

After uploading your image to our site, you have 2 options on how to blur your image:

  • 1. Blur full image
  • 2. Blur part of image

Apply full blur to image Apply partial blur to image

1. Blurring full image

For blurring full image all you need to do is just move range picker on right side of screen, to adjust amount of blur that you want to apply

Full blur image online

Then you can download image (scroll to link)

2. Blurring part of image

After uploading image, click inside your image, after clicking small point appear on screen, continue tapping on screen till you get area which you want to blur (or not to blur).

Partial blur
Partial blur

Adjust amount of blur and which side of selection you want to blur (inside/outside)

Adjust amount of partial blur
Adjust amount of partial blur

3. Downloading image

When you are finished with editing, just click on download button , your image gets downloaded, on mobiles you need to save your image by holding finder on final image.

Download image blurred online
And that’s how you can add blur to your photos on our blur photo editor.